Tuesday, June 19, 2007

wooooaaaaaaaahhhh .... these weeks give me nuts.....
I got project deadlines ..... and i dont think it reasonable to do ... but hey ... sometime miracles happend ... so keep "positif" , I'll try to drop a bit of quotes

hope it will fill your life ...

"If you want to change YOUR attitude, then begin with the change of YOUR mind" - Zig Ziglar

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sad but True

"Anything will be Precious when it's gone" - Me , Unkown

( Sob Sob ) Yesterday I went to church, and brought my company laptop with me to used it it, buuuttt when it came for going home I forgot to put my laptop battery charger in my bag. It's company's laptop. and This morning I just realized that the battery charger was not in my bag. and I went back to my church try to find it. and the security told me that there was no report from lost and found department. my heart just went BOOM .... how could it be ........

How Sad... (sob ... sob ), it's full of regret, full of question in my head, Why I didn't check my bag yesterday ? why should I left in a hurry ? Why ... why ... why ??

well,I guess .. I got to STAND UP, my previous post seems to be fits the situation right now.
"don't cry over the glass of spilled milk"
Come On , GET UP, TEDDY ..... !!!

and this morning I got something from radio "theory is nothing without ACTION"

I hope it will help some people ....

c u all